What I learned from doTERRA this week July 1st-6th

Wow I love how much I am learning about health, and the body and how to treat it naturally.  It's all just clicking in my brain and I truly feel like these essential oils can heal anyone of any ailment.  Actually if you are in doubt of that go to www.everythingessential.me and look it up!  NICE!  So here are my notes from last week.

                                       July 1st marees Monday morning empower call #48
2 fastest growing teams.  Lake Havasu Arizona and Auburn Alabama
They don’t have consistent upline leaders there to help them and have just dove in.  Spoke about experience managing Bella’s, servers focusing on money and setting low goals.  They wouldn’t earn half of goals because they were focused on the money.  You have to live in the moment and love what you’re doing and have fun, they were more successful.
Teams that we have are focusing on healing, sharing.
Wendy Hansen & Callie’s team- didn’t have physical people under her but lots of support in Utah.  Doterra provided online videos and educating themselves.  Callie was focused on educating and came to convention.  Not focused on money but on people and the product.  Started with a wild orange sample.   They have over 300 people just on callie’s leg, within a year!!!  Every sample matters!  Pray over every sample.  It turned into a business, never planned it that way.  IT’S ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND SHARING!  Luckily we get compensated for gas to keep going and helping people!
Teach your team to teach.  Smart and wise and caring.  You give others an oil experience as soon as you can!!  Always be prepared to share!  Work toward the close but listen to what people want and need.  We must never ever give up!  Trust our team.  We help every team, not just our own, that’s what this is all about!
Judy and Amanda from Arizona- 75 people at one meeting. 30 weren’t even signed up.
What’s making the difference?  We have fun, and learning as we go.  Opening people’s eyes to what is possible.  Teach product, product and the business side comes later and as a side note.  It’s confusing, so start with the oils because people are learning so much from oils.  90% oils, 10% business.  Rank advancements happening without even focusing on the business.  LOVE IT!  We share like crazy, and have a lot of passion about the oils.  Had fibro mialga and after 3 months her pain issues are gone!  Frankincense on thumb and then roof of mouth and it kicked a two day migraine and started bawling.  WOW!!!
We are just who we are.  “You can only quit on a good day!”  “the more difficulties that one has to encounter within and without, the more significant and the higher inspiration his or her’s life will be.”
The mess is the message!  We are who we are.   Samples make a difference!  Showing up and teaching your own classes.  This is me.

                                       Maree’s 8:30 class #49  oils on our pets
Cindy from fresno.  Energy work on pets and then discovered doterra oils.  Two great danes that got into a fight, deep blue on hands and rubbed it in shoulder.  Held out bottle of serenity (not a friendly dog)  Modern essentials book tips for pets.  Melaleuca is normally toxic to animals..  cat sniffing her face that had melaleuca.  Animals know what they need.  They intuively know what plants to use in the wild.  Homemade flea spray… 
Friend in animal rescue, freedom paws, dogs for soldiers.  Dog near death put him on antibiotics and rubbing oils on paws and diffusing breathe and within two weeks he was ready to go to a new owner. 
Flea recipe:  dog care sheet, 6 rosemary, 6 purify, 2 lavender, distilled water, 16 oz spray bottle
Terrashield works well for animals.  Don’t need to use much on animals.  Follow the guidelines in the m.e. book. 
Why is there so many precautions?  By law, have to put it in the book.  These oils are so pure that they truly are safe for babies, pregnant women, etc. 
Energy healing on pets, raiki, animals know and feel energy.  They soak it up and it’s very healing for them.  She uses purify or lavender.  Doterra has so much information out there for any questions you have.  Used helichrysm on dog and it immediately stopped the bleeding and healed so quickly. 
Callie in Idaho, deals with horses.  Uses them on some kind of animal every day!  How to get rid of ticks, just used oregano and coconut oil, still have to be very careful one drop of oregano, saturated comb in mixture and started combing through and the ticks just fell to the ground and then she put drops of peppermint where they were and the ticks just died.  Then she put lavender where she had been brushing on the horse and the horse was just fine.  Horse was bleeding from the ticks still from the holes that they had made and it healed quickly.
Does not use deep blue on horses, hard time with blue tansy.  Puts balance on fingers and on twirly and up between the ears and around and down to the heart and then uses the rest on and they’ve been winning left and right.  Makes her own deep blue mixture without the blue tansy and knots were gone over night.
Deep blue with her dog that got run over by a horse trailer.  Crushed his hip, grabbed deep blue and put it on him, helichrysm (helps with circulation) and topped it peppermint for the fever.  10 days and he was able to get up and go potty.  Vets were worried that his bladder would be crushed but he was fine and never had to take him to the vet.
Chickens that are moping, so hot, put lemongrass and lavender, sprays them and they follow her around.  Get feathers to grow back faster.
Dog, was bloated and sick, rubbed digestzen on stomach, peppermint in water.  Went to bed and thought she’d wake up to a dead dog but she was running around and good.
Horse, colic.  Digestzen.  Didn’t keep the oils on him until he was completely better and he died.  You have to be consistent.  Make sure they are fully healed and don’t use lots on them and then cut it off it’s really hard on them, wean them off of it slowly.  Just like medicine that you get prescribed, you have to take it til symptoms are gone, not just a couple days.
Zendocrine on horse with hormone imbalances.  When she’s in heat she’s really mean, and not safe around children.  Seeing how it works.

There was also an incredible class on digestive health and candida, and green smoothies.  I wasn't able to take notes because Lucy was with me learning how to spray water on me with a straw. :)  But I have an incredible team and two of my friends and members did take notes and type them up and email them to me!  AMAZING!  So here are there notes!

Meg's notes:
Digestive Health
By: Wendy Hansen, RN
July 2, 2013

Today’s class covered the topics of Chronic Inflamation, Candida and Autoimmune Disorders

Digestion issues lead to the above conditions as well as many others.  Imbalance within the immune system comes from the digestive and intestinal track.

It is necessary to boost the immune system in order to help it heal. The first line of defense for our bodies is our skin and our digestive/intestinal track.

We can help boost our immunity through supplements, probiotics and our DIET.

By eating right and reducing the toxin load that we injest, we can begin to let our bodies heal naturally.

(An insert by her husband Curtis Hansen, a botanist, explained that plants/trees cannot run away from their threats. Therefore, plants produce special chemicals for protection. Example given was the peppermint leaf and its essential oils. The oils are microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.)

Candida is a benign, sugar-fermenting yeast. Resides in the intestinal tract. When it overgrows it is parasitic.

Candida overgrowth can cause many of the symptoms we see today. A few being anxiety, depression, emotional problems, inflammation, brain fog, insomnia… (See Candida page)

When overgrowth occurs – it can be labeled as “leaky gut” syndrome. Causes:
pH imbalance from processed food
Acidic drinks
Carbohydrates and refined sugars
Increases in blood sugar
Inflammatory response to intruders – continues leaking into the bloodstream.
                                                            Leaky gut
                                                            Food intolerance
                                                            Immune abnormalities
                                                            Auto-immune conditions
Seven Steps to Wellness through Diet

Step 1

Avoid sugar
No processed proteins (no nitrates)
Healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil)
NO processed foods
Carbohydrates to be avoided (grains, potatoes, rice, white flour)
Good carbohydrates should be used (dark green leafy vegetables, low-glycemic fruits such as apples and berries)
Limited legumes and winter squash
Good grain to use – Quinoa
Good sweeteners – Stevia and Xylitol

“If you want to change your health you need to change your diet”

The first two weeks are HARD! Be very strict – starve the Candida

No fructose corn syrup – food dyes, refined sugar or flour, dairy, gluten

YES to lots of fresh fruits (low-glycemic and low-startch vegetables)
Add in supplements for:
            Nutritional support
            Anti-inflammatory response
            Support of gluthathione  (removes heavy metals)
            Support of O2 for cells

In addition – Omega Complex, nanosomal lipid, assimilation

Step 2

Balance the pH

Terrazyne – helps to create a more alkaline pH

Step 3

Probiotics – Re-establish balance of beneficial bacteria – be sure to eat greens in order for the PB Assist to flourish
Step 4
Kill the yeast!

Prepare to flush out the chimneys or your system (The chimneys are the: Liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, lymph nodes, blood, and skin.)
Protocol – GX Assist for 10 days (1 capsule up to 3 for 10 days)
             Follow up with PB Assist (Probiotic)
            Oregano, Melalucca
            DDR Prime (if mercury within our systems is not handled, Candida grows)
            Cilantro for heavy metals
Detox gently – each month – first week of the month detox for 7 days – follow up with

Step 5
Immune Support

On-guard! No antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer – these kill not only the bad bacteria but good as well. Use On-guard natural (concentrated cleaner) to clean surfaces and hands.

Reduce Stress
LLV (Life-long Vitality Cellular Energy Blend)

Step 6
Clean out the dying yeast

Yeast releases toxic and acid substances
Use Terrazyme

Step 7


Sooth, heal naturally, and restore intestinal tract with essential oils
Add Vitamin D to help decrease inflammation

Cassey's notes:
Digestive Health

Most digestive issues are related to inflammation.
Our first line in our immune defense is found in our skin and digestive tract. When we see our skin is punctured, cut, scraped… we immediately take care of it so we don’t get an infection and such.. But when our digestive tract in injured, we can be unaware. But it also needs attention!
Eating right is the foundation in all we do!

Candida symptoms: anxiety, depression, emotional problems, asthma, cough, thrush, acne, eczema, brain fog, pms, yeast infections, infertility, allergies, joint pain, chronic fatigue

What is candida? Yeast found in everyone.  But when it overgrows and turns to the mycelial form it sprouts roots in the intestines and punctures the digestive tract. Food particles, toxins and chemicals leak into the bloodstream (leaky gut syndrome) immune system says something is wrong, begins to attack and it causes chronic inflammation. (autoimmune diseases, allergies, food intolerences… immune response to leaked food particles that aren’t suppose to be there)

Why does it happen? Candida is opportunistic. It happens when the opportunity is right. So what causes the right opportunity? Milk, sugar, cheese, increased blood sugar, medication, antibiotics, stress, acidic drinks

Starving Candida (be very strict! 2 weeks – this will be hard! Plan on it, gear up, must change to change health! Worth it!)
-avoid sugar or what turns into sugar (carbs/fruit)
-no processed protein
-healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado)
-no processed foods (no nutrients)
-carbs to avoid (grains, potatoes, rice)
-good carbs (dark green leafy vegetables, green smoothies, salads)
-low glycemic fruits (berries and apples)
-limited legumes and winter squash
-good grain: quinoa
-good sweeteners: stevia, xylitol
-Life Long Vitality pack: need the omega’s in the xeomega… need the fatty acids for the brain! Plant based vitamin that the body can absorb! Alpha for cellular renewal!
Kill the Yeast
-Prepare for the flushing out and yeast die off (need chimney’s opened)
-GX Assist for 2 weeks followed by PB Assist
-Oregeno and Melaluca
-DDR Prime (if mercury is not handled, candida keeps growing)
-Cilantro for heavy metals
*during die off, you may feel ornery, skin issues, congestion
*Every month for the first 7 days they do this process to keep candida at bay
Clean Out Dying Yeast
-Terrazyme on an empty stomach at night to flush out candida
*yeast releases toxic substances

Balance the Intestinal pH
-Terrazyme helps balance the pH: Helps digest the food, especially the dead food that we eat
            Alive food: Alkaline
            Dead food: Acidic
-Lemon in water (up to 25 drops in water daily) causes body to become alkaline
Replace with the Good Bacteria
-PB Assist: The more greens eaten while taking the PB Assist the more effectively it will work! Helps PB Assist flourish!
Support Immune System
-No antibacterial soap or hand sanitizers: Killing all good and bad
-Reduce stress
-Life long Vitality
-Use On Guard (kills bad, leaves the good)
Repair the Leaky Gut
-Soothe, heal, nurture and restore intestinal tract with the essential oils
-Vitamin D to decrease the inflammation

Summary: Restore Terrain – Out with the bad, in with the good
1. Strengthen the Body
2. Open the flow
3. Kill the yeast
4. Repopulate the gut
5. DDR Prime Daily

Lia’s Daily Diet (after the Cleanse):
-no high fructose corn syrup
-no food dyes
-no refined sugars
-no refined flours
-no dairy (casein difficult for body to break down: lodge in the brain and cause brain fog)
-low gluten
-Yes lots of fruits and vegetables

Have a great day!  And let me know if you want to learn more how to improve your life with essential oils!!

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