the 3 M's of milo's birth

Milo Ray Postak was born Sept 1st at 5:00 pm sharp weighing 8 lbs 5 oz (exactly like Lucy) and 21” long.  He has a good head of hair, but not a ton like Lucy did.  He loves having his hands, blanket, my arm, anything up by his face and moth.  He is the most grunty baby I’ve ever heard.. but it’s So sweet.  He still sleeps all the time right now and just loves to be held and close to momma or daddy.  We are just so smitten with this little guy.  Lucy is too!  Whenever she remembers that we have a baby she comes and rubs his head and gives him hugs and kisses.
                So let me rewind and tell you everything.  Saturday (Aug 31st)  I woke up with contractions but they slowed as the morning went on.  So we just went about our day, grocery shopping, etc.  But once we got home I knew that I was going to go crazy waiting around at home.  So mom and dad met us up at their property near causy dam to do a little camping.  It was nice… for a while.. Jesse ended up sleeping with Lucy because she was being wild.  So I slept alone.  Once all was quiet I drifted off but was startled awake by something cold and wet touching my underarm.  I swatted at the blankets but couldn’t see anything.  Then I just laid there calming down/ having a contraction and staring at my profile shadow on the wall.  Then something scurried along my side and I saw its shadow on the wall.  I darted upright swatting the blankets (while trying not to wake Lucy up).  I still couldn’t see anything though.
                Well I sat there for a moment letting a contraction pass and was kind of in a daze but figured I might as well go to the bathroom (I was going to have to go eventually in the night.  I’m pregnant it’s what I do ha).  So I waddle in and sit down.  And moments later a MOUSE runs along the floor less than a foot away from me!  I shot out of that bathroom and went straight to my mom- what else was I going to do?  Still clutching my toilet paper and gasping, wide eyed I told her that mice were crawling on me. (Kind of ironic because I always joke that I feel like this big tribal woman when I’m in labor at home, and well.. mice just kind of finish off that visual.)  Anyways not much sleep was to be had that night.
                When we all got up in the morning there were 4 moose outside the trailer and Lucy just kept saying “hi” and “moo.”  Close. Very close.  My contractions were pretty consistent all morning so we left.  We got home at 10:30 and my contractions were at 511 (5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour).  I showered and napped and then texted my midwife Chris Miller telling her that “if she wanted to come over then maybe it would be a good idea” ha ha I was such a crazy labor woman..  she said “you mean come now?”  She got there at about 1:45 and I was dilated to a 4.
                Jesse was foot zoning me to help labor go quicker (thank you Cassey Smith for teaching us.)  Chris gave me some labor tea and hooked me up to a breast pump but I had already been in good hard labor for an hour.  The pump is just to get the oxytocin (the love hormone that the baby sends me to start labor and also helps me nurse, also is what was flowing the night he was conceived… ha just fyi) flowing more heavily.  Cassey came and Chris’ student Robin, and mom.  Cassey got some really great pictures of the whole thing and I was so happy to have my best friend and mentor there! 
                It took a while to fill the pool up and I labored mostly just in a sofa chair.  We also took a short walk to the living room and bathroom.  I even asked Jesse if we could go for a walk. J ha In between contractions for pretty much the whole time I was pretty talkative and joking and laughing about that stupid mouse.  It all happened really quickly that I think I was just prepped for a long 20 hour labor like with Lucy.  Nope!  Chris is amazing and could tell by my breathing when I was past transition and ready to push.  At one point I asked for an oil to give me confidence.  (I have a book that entitles each oil differently according to what they can help with in emotional healing) but Cassey just looked at her oils and chose ylang ylang randomly.  What she didn’t know is that I secretly refer to ylang ylang as my oil.  I love it!  So when she put it on my neck I truly just felt whole and knew I could do this hard thing. 
                I pushed for maybe 20 min and he was here!  I think it took longer to fill up the pool then it did for me to be in it.  OH my body did that weird numbing again with the endorphins- I love that my body tries to help me not feel pain.  Our bodies are incredible people!!!  Milo was pretty gray at first and didn’t cough out everything so Chris had to suction his throat and nose after a while.  Lucy napped in the next room during labor and woke up about 5 min after he was born.  Their first meeting was so fun!  Nursing has been good (he loves to eat and has already outgrown his newborn clothes.. sigh..)  Lucy is still so tiny that I think he’ll catch up to her in no time and it will look like we have twins. J  We’ve all been foot zoned and are feeling pretty balanced.  My body has healed really quickly and I truly attribute that to my diet change (mostly whole food/ plant based food), getting foot zoned and using my essential oils every day on all of us.
                I am so blissfully happy with my little children and my sweet husband.  He was by my side the entire time and gave me such strength.  He couldn’t believe it when I was already pushing and then we had a baby.  We were both just giggling and joking the whole time.  So much fun.  I love my life.  Hope you enjoyed.                               Stupid mouse…

As Lucy would say       “HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!”